• Welcome to the online home of
    the Wapakoneta Classified Association,
    representing bus drivers, custodians, food service, maintenance, paraprofessionals
    and secretaries of the Wapakoneta City School District for over 20 years.

    Officers for 2014-15 are:

    President, Kim Klein– president@wapakclassified.org
    Vice President, Terry– Bailey vp@wapakclassified.org
    Past President, Lori Huebner– pastpres@wapakclassified.org
    Treasurer, Darcy Steinke– treasurer@wapakclassified.org
    Angie Whitmore –secretary@wapakclassified.org

    Reps for the cafeterias are needed at all building.
    Please consider volunteering.

    Our current contract expires June 30, 2015

    If in doubt as to what could be lost, click the file name below to see what the Board’s initial proposal was for negotiating our last contract. Take nothing for granted. The WCA exists to protect what we have. It’s taken years of negotiating on behalf of our members to get the benefits we enjoy today.

    Wapak BOE Initial Proposal 2011

    “If the minimum wage had kept pace with productivity growth, it would be $16.54* in 2012 dollars.” And if historical wages are compared by purchasing power, the minimum wage in the late 1960s was almost $2 an hour higher than it is now.”
    — Center for Economic Policy Research 

    What’s in YOUR wallet?

    *very few of our classified employees make this amount.